Since Central Lombok declared itself as an inclusive district a decade ago, the district has made various efforts to provide a better life for children with disabilities including, for example, increasing the number of inclusive schools, training teachers in inclusive education and forming an inclusive working group. However, data from the district’s social services office (2018) shows that there are still childen with disabilities who do not attend school.

This study was conducted to explore the lives and status of children with disabilities and the implementation of inclusive education in Central Lombok. We conducted a literature review using secondary data, as well as interviews and discussions to establish the situation in the field. Various actors from the community, schools and stakeholder organisations were involved as resource people. The total numbers of participants involved in interviews and focus group discussions were 55 and 93 respectively, with balanced numbers of men and women. The basic education data (Dapodik) and the social services office data were the main sources of secondary data.

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