The Learning Gap Series 1 – Beyond Letters and Numbers: The COVID-19 Pandemic and Foundational Literacy and Numeracy in Indonesia

The study aims to identify learning gaps between what the standards set for students to learn and actual student attainment. Student results were benchmarked against descriptors of skills for the Global Proficiency Framework (GPF) Minimum Proficiency Levels (MPLs).

The Learning Gap Series 2 – Reforming Indonesia’s Curriculum: How Kurikulum Merdeka Aims to Address Learning Loss and Improve Learning Outcomes in Literacy and Numeracy

This report includes a case study of learning loss in INOVASI partner schools, adding to the evidence base for why this curriculum reform is necessary. The study, undertaken by the Centre for Education Policy and Standards (Pusat Standar dan Kebijakan Pendidikan, or PSKP) of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Research and Technology (MoECRT) and INOVASI (Innovation for Indonesia’s School Children) highlights the need for a curriculum framework that clearly sets out the key knowledge, understanding, and skills that students need to learn as they progress through school, particularly literacy and numeracy in the early grades.

The Learning Gap Series 3 – A widening gap: Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on Indonesia’s most marginalised students

The report is to understand the status of students’ learning and the potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on early-grade students in Indonesia. The study intended to inform curricular, assessment, and pedagogical recalibration as students returned to school following lengthy school closures, and to identify priorities for teacher professional development in teaching at the right level so students could learn essential competencies they may have missed.’

The Learning Gap Series 4 – Bounce Back Stronger: Learning Recovery After the Pandemic A Case Study of INOVASI Partner Schools

The current learning recovery study by INOVASI was conducted to analyse student’s academic performance two years after the COVID-19 pandemic. Similar to previous studies, the learning performance was evaluated through two key indicators: learning loss and learning gap.

Infographic: Bounce Back Stronger: Post Pandemic Learning Recovery

After two years of studying during the pandemic, how are the conditions of student learning outcomes, especially in terms of literacy and numeracy? What can both government and schools do to encourage student learning recovery?

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