West Nusa Tenggara

West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) is the 13th largest province in Indonesia that has a population of more than 4.5 million. Although the enrollment rate for school enrollment has increased, not all students in NTB have studied effectively. The quality of learning in this province is still relatively low, especially at the basic education level. NTB was INOVASI's first province partner in the implementation of the program which was carried out in six districts, namely Central Lombok, North Lombok, Sumbawa, West Sumbawa, Dompu, and Bima. The program works to understand and address the challenges of learning in the classroom, particularly those related to students' literacy and numeracy skills. The program uses a unique approach in developing its various pilot programs and works and learns directly with its partners in the region in exploring and identifying local problems, then jointly designing relevant solutions to overcome the learning challenges encountered in the area.

Literacy, Books & Language Transition
Disability & Inclusion
Teacher Quality Improvement
Character Education
Cross-cutting Planning & Policy Support
Curriculum & Assessment

In Phase I, INOVASI worked in six districts, namely Central Lombok, North Lombok, West Sumbawa, Sumbawa, Dompu and Bima. Phase II of the program began in July 2020. In NTB Province, the Phase II of the program is being implemented in three districts, namely Central Lombok, East Lombok and Bima, and carried out by involving three universities; In Central Lombok, INOVASI collaborated with Universitas Mataram in running the Semua Anak Cerdas (SAC) program. In East Lombok INOVASI partnered with IAI Hamzanwadi NW Pancor to run the Madrasah Unggul Anak Hebat (MAULANA) program. Meanwhile in Kabupaten Bima, STKIP Taman Siswa is INOVASI’s partner in implementing the Gerakan Masyarakat Sadar (GEMAR) Literasi program.

NTB Province initiated the Literacy Volunteer (RELASI) program, a collaborative program between the Association of Lecturers of Teacher Training Institute (LPTK) of NTB Province and the NTB Reading Consortium (KNTBM) which is implemented with facilitation from INOVASI. This program is aimed at strengthening the competence of volunteers in maintaining and improving the literacy skills of primary school students in an inclusive manner, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The program is carried out throughout the Province of NTB. Phase I of the RELASI program was carried out in August-November 2020 with five LPTKs and five NGOs, and showed a positive response from stakeholders.

To support the government in implementing distance learning or home learning (BDR) during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Association of Lecturers of LPTK of NTB Province and the KNTBM – with the support of the INOVASI, mobilized volunteers to be involved. INOVASI facilitated the training and debriefing sessions for the volunteers. In Sumbawa District, the Literacy Volunteer Program is implemented by the Teacher Training and Pedagogical College (STKIP) Paracendekia.


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