The first time that I read a story from a digital book, the students reacted in a very funny way. At first, they thought I was going to play an online game because, until that moment, students tended to use their devices to play games. When I saw their response, I just laughed.

I read them digital books at least three times a week. I used story books not only to build the students’ enjoyment of reading, but also to adopt as a learning resource. The students enjoy having stories read to them from digital books. The students in the class liked the stories about animals and friendship the most. These two themes are close to the lives of children in Malinau, which is surrounded by dense forests and large rivers.

I am very selective when choosing which stories to read. I did a text review first and analyzed the contents of the story in the book that I was going to read, as well as the writing technique and the pictures. This review is necessary because it ensures that students will get reading material that is appropriate to the context of their area. It is important for the teacher to first read and understand the book that they are going to present. These steps make it easier for the teacher to prepare questions that can enhance the children’s understanding.

After the story-reading activity is over, I always ask students to give feedback. I ask them which parts they liked. I also ask students to explain the meaning of the stories they are reading. Often, based on the meaning of the stories, the students would rewrite them in the form of mini books, which are subsequently displayed in class so that other children can read them again someday.

From this experience, I saw that the students’ interest in reading continued to increase. The students have become more independent in reading books. Now, they often go to the school library to read more story books. Their learning outcome has also improved. Students have an easier time understanding information. This comprehension can be seen when they understand the contents of the instructions or questions and can carry out these instructions properly. They can even write down the correct answers if they are asked a question.

The digital library was developed by The Asia Foundation, INOVASI, Bulungan district, and Malinau district. The use of Digital Libraries aims to increase children’s reading interest by providing more reading sources.