Sarniah is a grade two teacher at SDN 008 Baratan state elementary school, Bulungan district, North Kalimantan. Reading stories has become a new activity at her school. Since receiving training material on reading the Big Book from INOVASI through the KKG, Sarniah has actively practiced it in her class. She now reads story books to her students at least three times a week.

For example, Sarniah has a Big Book entitled “What is Night?” Before she starts reading the story, she asks the students to sit facing her. The students sit on the floor, which is made of wood. Sarniah sits in a chair so that all of the students can see her while she reads the story.

According to Sarniah, the students are always enthusiastic when she reads a story to them.


“I read stories interactively. I not only read the text but also show the students the pictures. I ask them to predict the pictures and words so they can really engage in the reading activity. Now and then, I check in with the students to make sure they understand the story,” explained Sarniah when speaking about the practice of reading Big Book to her class.


Sarniah always asks her students to retell the stories that they have read and heard. She also asks some students to come forward to repeat the stories to their friends.

In order to increase her students’ vocabulary, Sarniah asks them to write a summary of each story. Each student has his or her own story book. The students are free to write the summary in their own words. After the students have finished writing their summaries, Sarniah displays each student’s work in front of the class, which makes the students happy.

The students write more summaries every day.

“I’m happy because my students are happier to learn,” concluded Sarniah.