West Nusa Tenggara is the first partner province of the INOVASI program in Indonesia. The pilot program has been carried out in 6 target districts, namely North Lombok, Central Lombok, Sumbawa, West Sumbawa, Bima and Dompu. In the third year of the programme, INOVASI needs to capture the latest perspectives on education from stakeholders, particularly in terms of literacy, numeracy and inclusive education.

Specifically, INOVASI needs to understand whether and to what extent changes in mindsets and practices are taking place among stakeholders. INOVASI also needs to understand the learning conditions in the 6 target districts in NTB and the enabling environment that affects the quality of education in those areas and how these aspects have shifted throughout the pilot program implementation period. Therefore, fourteen research questions were developed and further used as the basis for designing the research instrument.

This report provides an overview of the implementation of the INOVASI pilot program in the 6 target districts and compares the results with the results of the initial study. Data was collected in the target districts in December 2018, through interviews conducted with key informants at the provincial, district, and school levels.

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