During the pandemic, supervisors are required to know the learning activities carried out by teachers and understand emergency curriculum implementation; they are also expected to be able to carry out their duties and functions online. The School Supervisor Working Group (Kelompok Kerja Pengawas Sekolah, or KKPS) and the Elementary School Development Division in Sumenep under the Sumenep Education Office (Dinas Pendidikan, or Disdik) encouraged capacity building for local supervisors due to their key role they hold in supervising the implementation of learning activities and the emergency curriculum.

One of the capacity building activities carried out by the East Java INOVASI team was to provide training to the supervisors of the Sumenep District Education Office as the Monitoring and Evaluation Team. From November 2020 to March 2021, INOVASI conducted five training activities via Zoom.        A total of 20 supervisors participated in the complete training.

At the first training opening, Head of the Elementary School Development Division in the Sumenep district, Abdul Kadir, M.Pd., stated, “To quickly and accurately know the conditions and needs of teachers is a challenge that supervisors must face during the pandemic. For this reason, the development of online monitoring and evaluation instruments is a very urgent need that must be carried out together.”

The activities during the first training session on 26 November 2020 were carried out to equalize the participants’ understanding of the monitoring and evaluation concept and aimed at enabling the participants to have a common perception about the concept of growth mindset.

During the second and third training sessions on 15 and 23 December 2020, the participants jointly developed the growth mindset and the monitoring plan by taking into consideration assumptions, risks, and mitigation.

The fourth training session on 22 January 2021 focused on developing monitoring and evaluation instruments. The instruments were jointly composed and adapted according to the needs, then followed by piloting the instruments for a month. In the fifth training session in March 2021, the participants used the data from the pilot results for a simple analysis.


One of the selected monitoring and evaluation instruments that was discussed was the Google Forms application. Using Google Forms makes it easier for supervisors to monitor online and for the Education Office to quickly see the monitoring results. The Education Office can also see how the supervisors carry out their duties and functions as well as complete a report using Google Forms. The Education Office is also able to see if there are supervisors who are not carrying out these tasks.

“The training provided by INOVASI for the supervisors as part of the Monitoring and Evaluation Team in the Sumenep district has been very useful. It is now easier and faster for the supervisors to carry out monitoring and evaluation in the target schools, and, of course, they are right on target  because we were also directly involved in the preparation of the instruments,” said Hanafi, the coordinator of supervisors in the Sumenep district.