Inclusive education is an open spirit to embrace all groups in education, with a multicultural perspective so that it can help students understand, accept and respect other people with different ethnicities, cultures, values, personalities and physical and psychological functioning. Inclusive education would be beneficial when there is acceptance towards the students diversity.

The implementation of inclusive education in Indonesia has a strong philosophical, juridical, pedagogical and empirical basis known as the motto “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika”. It means recognizing diversity in ethnicity, dialect, customs, beliefs, traditions and culture as national wealth while still upholding unity.

These books invites  readers to explore and being aware on the importance of accepting children with special needs to the society and the state. Also to foster sympathy and empathy for children with special needs in fulfilling their rights, including the right to a decent life, the right to education, the right to health and other rights that all children are supposed to have.


Nuraga Sang Guru: Sebuah Kisah Kebhinekaan dalam Pendidikan Inklusif:

Buku Panduan Pendidikan Inklusif untuk Guru dan Orang Tua


Menumbuh dan Membumi: Anakku, Anakmu, Anak Ibu Pertiwi:

Memoar Pandu Pendidikan Inklusif