(Booklet only available in Bahasa Indonesia)

During the pandemic, teachers are required to carry out distance learning with various limitations. Teachers and local facilitators who have been trained, through their skills and initiative and with the support of the Education Office and the Ministry of Religious Affairs, have carried out various learning innovations in order to create a comfortable learning experience for students despite learning from home. Likewise for teachers who with limited technology, signals and means of communications, must continue to carry out face to face learning with students by implementing strict health protocols.

Innovations carried out by teachers and local facilitators were then collected and became “Good Practices collection of Learning Strategies During the Pandemic by Educators in East Java” booklet. Highest appreciation is given to teachers and local facilitators through their struggles in order to create an effective and pleasant learning atmosphere, so that learning loss can be minimized.

These good practice stories are expected to inspire other teachers to provide best learning service to students in the midst of the pandemic. And for stakeholders, teachers’ innovation is a reference to develop policies that are in accordance with the needs of teachers and students in their respective work areas.

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