The preparation of teachers working group (Kelompok Kerja Guru, or KKG) materials for the Implementation of Kurikulum Merdeka (IKM) Multigrade pilot schools has been completed by INOVASI East Java team in collaboration with the Education and Culture Office of Probolinggo district. This activity was opened by Dr. Fathur Rozi, M.Phil as the Head of Education and Culture Office of Probolinggo district and attended by 14 participants who were the IKM Multigrade district facilitators in Probolinggo, including Head of Curriculum and Assessment (Youth Policy Analyst), supervisors, principals, guru penggerak (change agent teachers), and multigrade district facilitators. The preparation of these KKG materials was conducted in two days on the 1stand 2nd February 2023 at KH Agus Salim Meeting Room, the Education and Culture Office of Probolinggo district, and was facilitated by INOVASI East Java.

In the opening session, the Head of Education and Culture Office of Probolinggo district explained, “The activities carried out are IKM pioneers, so that Kurikulum Merdeka can really be implemented properly while at the same time improving literacy and numeracy outcomes. With the collaboration between INOVASI, guru penggerak and supervisors, it is hoped that the experience, skills and knowledge can be shared with all teachers so that they get the same abilities, hence IKM can run well leading to improved literacy and numeracy.”

“This activity focuses on optimizing the role of the KKG through preparing materials to improve literacy and numeracy outcomes, not only in multigrade schools but in all schools in Probolinggo district, so the IKM Office and District Facilitators are laying the foundation for how KKG is active and capable of being an inspiration for teachers to improve literacy and numeracy”, he added.

The findings of a baseline survey in 10 IKM Multigrade pilot schools with principals and teachers as respondents showed that principals and teachers still had difficulty in understanding the principles of implementing the multigrade curriculum. The results of this survey were taken into consideration when preparing KKG materials based on school needs.

In preparing KKG materials, district facilitators were divided into 3 groups and each group succeeded in compiling materials, namely: 1. Analysis (mapping) of CP-TP-ATP and teaching modules; 2. Formative/diagnostic assessment and differentiated learning; 3. Pancasila student profile strengthening project.

The materials that have been prepared are planned to be delivered by IKM Multigrade district facilitators in 5 meetings at the KKG and 3 times for mentoring during the period of February to May 2023 at 10 IKM Multigrade pilot schools representing 3 regions (mountain, central and coastal).