Promising Practices

EAST JAVA: Creating an Inclusive School Environment

At primary school MI Amanah, or Garage School, in East Java, the curriculum and learning programs are designed to suit children’s learning abilities or needs. Inclusive education is meant for everyone – including those with learning difficulties and disabilities, and those with more advanced learning results.

EAST JAVA: Effective School Leadership

Sri Winarni is the head of primary school SDN Sumbergondo 2, located at the eastern end of Batu City, near the foot of Arjuna mountain in East Java. When she began her role as principal, Sri faced a serious challenge. Teachers were less disciplined, lessons felt more like lectures, and students were not enabled to learn well. Facing these challenges, Sri has sought to…

EAST JAVA: Strategies for Principals to Improve Student Literacy in Schools

Primary school SDN Punten in East Java has been working to improve student literacy and reading ability, thanks to efforts from its principal. In addition to providing reading corners at various locations around the school, there is also a school magazine and school libraries. At least once per month, teachers are required to use the library as a learning resource…

EAST JAVA: Using local materials to learn common multiples in math

Learning about common multiples and basic math concepts can be difficult for primary school students to understand, and so teachers must be as creative as possible. This can be done in a simple way, as seen in the case of Erna, a teacher at primary school SDN Mojokarang in East Java, using grains.

EAST JAVA: Big books improve student reading ability

In an effort to spur teachers’ creativity, and improve the ability and interest of children in early grade reading, teachers from primary school SDN 2 Kebondalem in East Java began to create ‘Ledgers’ – Large books made by teachers using materials and photographs from the local environment.