Pilot: Early Grade Literacy & Community Engagement in Learning

This pilot, commencing in July 2019, builds on the units from the Literacy 1 short course in the first half of 2019. In this follow on pilot, over a number of months and five units, teachers will gain a deeper understanding of how to apply key literacy approaches in the classroom, including guided reading, formative assessment, and running records. Participating teachers will be able to gain credits to advance their careers and INOVASI will implement the courses in routine, cluster-based, teachers’ working group meetings, using local facilitators, to ensure the courses are affordable and scalable.

Pilot: Early Grade Literacy & Numeracy (Sahabat Pulau Indonesia)

Sahabat Pulau Indonesia (SPI) is a community-based sustainable action-oriented organisation involving local youth and children through a series of education and social entrepreneurship projects in remote and coastal areas across Indonesia. SPI is based on a volunteerism movement that brings together youths with diverse potentials  to share and inspire children to read, and to create an innovative program to accelerate literacy in communities. SPI has strong networks within the youth community both at the national and international levels including  private sectors, NGOs, UN bodies, and governments.

Program focus: Literacy and numeracy       

Sunbright from the East” as proposed by SPI is an integrated program focussing on literacy and numeracy improvements through enabling local actors such as teachers, local youth, and students as change agents. SPI will work with 10 schools.

Three key activities are planned to achieve these goals:

  1. “Teachers as change agents” – provision of capacity building for local primary school teachers to improve their creativity and innovation in teaching literacy and numeracy.
  2. Rumah Baca Harapan” – a community library that involves local youth as volunteers focussing on children’s engagement to increase their level of literacy and numeracy with various fun programs such as kids science club, family reading day and storytelling, amazing race and giant board games.
  3. “Literacy and Numeracy Hub” – an education working group that connects multi-stakeholders focused on education.

Location: Bima, West Nusa Tenggara

Duration: 12 September 2018 until 11 June 2019


  • Increased students’ learning outcomes in literacy
  • Improved teachers’ teaching practices
  • Increased the number of learning aids
Pilot: Language Transition in Early Grades

This pilot addresses low learning outcomes in literacy and numeracy. The cause of these low outcomes stems from the language of classroom instruction. Pilot activities support teachers to better plan and manage the transition from mother tongue or local language instruction to using Bahasa Indonesian as the primary medium of classroom instruction and assessment. The pilot works with early-grade students in 20 schools (two madrasah and 18 public schools) in Bima district. This pilot finished in July 2019.

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