West Sumba Regent says that teachers must be creative

When it comes to good teaching and learning, teachers should use engaging learning tools and contextual methods when delivering their lessons. This was emphasised by the Regent of West Sumba District, Agustinus Niga Dapawole, when he came to the Village Innovation Exchange (Bursa Inovasi Desa) held in the courtyard of the Palamoko Village office, Lamboya District, West Sumba , on 19 July 2019.

“Right now, teachers cannot afford to be monotonous in teaching. Teachers have to use creative media like this so that the children pay attention to what is conveyed by the teacher,” he said while showing INOVASI big books on display.

“If the methods are not interesting, children become sleepy. With the help of media like this, they can be more interested and focused,” he added. He also said that early grades should be taught by experienced teachers so that children get good mentoring from the start.

In his opening remarks, Niga expressed his hope that through this Village Innovation Exchange, village innovations in West Sumba can be well explored and managed. The event aimed to introduce community initiatives or innovations at the village level, and improve the quality of the use of village funds.

“In addition, this activity is also intended to build a commitment to replicate innovations by sharing information from technical service providers that villages need in replicating an innovation,” he announced in front of more than 200 attendees.

The Innovation Exchange, organized by the Village Community Empowerment Service, showcased ideas and innovations that will be implemented in the Village Work Plans and 2020 Village Budget and Expenditure Plans. The ideas and innovations encompass areas like literacy, stunting, infrastructure, and the development of Village Owned Enterprises. Exhibitors were divided into three markets, namely infrastructure, entrepreneurship, and development of human resources. INOVASI, Save the Children, Bahtera and a number of other programs joined the human resource development market.

The Head of West Sumba Village Community Empowerment Service, Yakobus Jefrison Dapamerang, expressed his support for INOVASI.

“We support INOVASI, especially for literacy programs. As a form of commitment from the regional government, we have made the regent regulation on literacy. In addition, we have set one of the villages, namely Lokory Village, as a Literacy Village with a budget of IDR 164,000,000, and currently almost all villages already have reading corner.”

The results of the INOVASI program in Tana Righu sub-district, West Sumba, will be scaled out using APBD funds, reaching 24 schools spread across Wanokaka and Lamboya sub-districts.

The Village Innovation Exchange is held annually. In 2019, it was held twice in different school clusters. The recent July event was hosted in the South Cluster, including Lamboya, West Lamboya, and Wanokaka sub-districts. Later this month on 26 July, a second event will be held in the North Cluster, with Waikabubak, Loli, and Tana Righu sub-districts.

West Sumba Regent says that teachers must be creative