The Guru BAIK pilot improves education for the younger generation in Central Lombok

“My hope is that even though I have an honorarium of 14 years, I remain passionate about improving education for the children of this nation, turning them into honest young people. The problem is, it’s hard to find people will full character who are honest, smart and confident. This goes for both social and religious elements of life. When my students perform well, there is nothing I am more proud of. A successful person is not only smart, but they area a proud person, contributing to the nation.” Sinarah, a grade 1 teachers at SDN Mesoran primary school in Central Lombok’s North Batukliang sub-district, speaks with emotion as she explains her hopes for the students in her class.

While Sinarah has been an honorary teacher for many years, her enthusiasm in educating students so they can be contributing members of society, has been unwavering. In her classroom, Sinarah teaches students about working hard. The students, who are mostly from families with livelihoods as farm workers, faithfully listen and follow her direction.

Sinarah is a participant in the 2019 Guru BAIK pilot (meaning Learning – Aspirational – Inclusive – Contextual), an INOVASI developed teacher training program implemented by the Central Lombok district education office using local government funding (APBD) – a total of 84 million Rupiah, in support of 11 primary schools. The pilot program uses the same model as INOVASI’s original Guru BAIK pilot – which initially began in North Lombok and Sumbawa, before being rolled out to all six of INOVASI’s partner districts in NTB.

Guru BAIK involves a series of training and mentoring workshops, aiming to increase the ability and knowledge of teachers, principals and supervisors. It draws on classroom action research strategies, as well as problem solving processes to help educators overcome learning challenges in early grade literacy and numeracy. Teacher participants are expected to be learners themselves, listening to student aspirations, and providing equal learning opportunities for students based on local context.

Sinarah acknowledged that since attending the Guru BAIK workshops, she has become more aware of what a quality learning process should look like.

“I am motivated with materials on how to educate well, the focus of the problem is on the teacher, not on children. Basically, there is nothing that children can’t do, nobody is a bad learner. It was there that we began to realize how to make good learning media,” she said.

After realizing the importance of exploring teaching and learning problems and their solutions to improve quality teaching, Sinarah saw changes in her classroom.

“The spirit of learning is now quite high, especially the desire to be curious and to be a more critical child, who behaves and has good morals. He applies the example we give to his enthusiasm so no one wants to just rest. ”

This was also recognized by the Principal of Mesoran primary school, H. Muhammad Bakri.

“The benefits of the Guru BAIK program are that our children prefer to take part in learning. They even find it difficult to stop learning, even though the break time has arrived! ”

With the support of the Central Lombok district government, particularly the education office, the Guru BAIK pilot has helped shift the mindset of teachers, helping them to identify problems and learning solutions. They have begun to think more innovatively in the classroom, which ultimately has a positive impact on student learning outcomes.

  1. Mujiman, a local INOVASI facilitator (Fasda) supporting the Guru BAIK pilot, has been helping to mentor teachers from SDN Mesoran primary school. He said that the local government fully supports the pilot and is keen for more and more teachers to receive the training and content.

“The Guru BAIK pilot, which is supported by the APBD, indeed is a departure from usual meetings attended by policy makers, especially for structural officials. This includes the head of the Education Office, Bappeda, social services and also the Regional Secretary. This is encouraging so that the support of this regional government is full for the implementation of Guru BAIK activities. This is primarily based on the impact of some of the previous pilot activities. Previous teachers who participated in the program held an exhibition to showcase their promising practices and progress, and this was like a mirror to show local government how effective it can be. Previously, the activity was carried out with teachers in sub-districts of Pujut and West Praya, and then Central Praya. Now it is in North Batukliang. This approach ensures the pilot benefits can be distributed evenly to all Central Lombok sub-districts,” Mujiman explained.

Sinarah plans to continue working towards her vision, where the nation’s next generation of young people will be well educated. She will continue to provide the best learning experience for her students.

“It can be difficult as an honorary teacher. But I want to see how (we are) we can improve teaching in this country,” she said.

Sinarah will continue to spread her vision to other teachers, inspiring a movement of quality learning in Central Lombok.







The Guru BAIK pilot improves education for the younger generation in Central Lombok