Teachers and principals in Central Lombok welcome Guru BAIK pilot

After signing its first formal provincial partnership with West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) in mid-2016, the INOVASI program implemented its first pilot in North Lombok and Sumbawa districts in the first half of 2017. Guru BAIK (with BAIK meaning Belajar, Aspiratif, Inklusif and Kontekstual) remains true to its local name: aspirational, inclusive and contextual learning. Or in other words, good teachers are those who are willing to learn and aspire to create an inclusive and contextual learning environment for their students. This pilot is a key activity carried out by INOVASI in Central Lombok and is about to get underway in the latter part of 2018.

As part of the pre-pilot phase, INOVASI recently carried out stakeholder socialisation activities across the district, including with target principals and supervisors. A recent socialisation workshop was held in early August at the office of the Technical Implementation Unit Regional Office of Central Lombok Education Office. The event was opened by the Secretary of the Central Lombok Education Office, H. L. Muliawan.

The upcoming implementation of the Guru BAIK pilot was well received by principals and school supervisors. Principals claimed that they are ready to fully support pilot implementation, particularly when it comes to preparing supporting budgets in each school. These school funded budgets will help finance the sustainable implementation of the program in each school, both during the INOVASI program but also when INOVASI is no longer around.

“We hope that this Guru BAIK pilot can further improve teacher quality as stated by the regional government,” said Dra. Hj. Eka Mastuti, supervisor at the Praya Unit Regional Office of the Central Praya Education Office. According to Eka, improving the quality of teachers is important because they play a vital role in determining whether education is progressing or not.

Eka explained that Guru BAIK focuses on teacher support, so that teachers can teach more effectively (and thus, students can become better learners). During the teaching and learning process, teachers will be encouraged to be more creative and innovative when developing learning materials. They will be encouraged to use the local materials around them.

“I hope that it is not just target schools that can implement the Guru BAIK pilot program, but also other schools,” she said.

Hj. Rusmini, principal of Praya 9 primary school, shared similar thoughts. Her school is ready to support and continue the Guru BAIK pilot, not only in terms of preparing teachers, but also in providing supporting budget.  

“I hope this pilot program can bring change and help steer our education in a better direction,” she said.

This year, Guru BAIK will be implemented at a number of partner primary schools including Tanak Rarang, Batunyala 2, Embung Tengak, Sereneng, Lajut 1, Selebung, Praya 22, Kawo 4 and Mertak Umbak. Pilot implementation will then be continued at additional schools Gerantung, Sesake, Praya 9, Batunyala 1, Tampar-ampar and madrasah Nurussobah.

Teachers and principals in Central Lombok welcome Guru BAIK pilot