Sumbawa local government committed to supporting INOVASI pilots

The Sumbawa District Government continues to support INOVASI education activities. In 2018, the Sumbawa Education Office allocated 175 million IDR to support the implementation of INOVASI pilots in several sub-districts, demonstrating a commitment to program sustainability and dissemination.

 Sourced from the Sumbawa Regional Budget, the funds were used to finance the acceleration of a regional literacy program, replicating INOVASI’s Literacy Boost and Guru BAIK pilots.  With BAIK meaning Belajar, Aspiratif, Inklusif and Kontekstual, the pilot remains true to its name: aspirational, inclusive and contextual learning. Or in other words, good teachers are those who are willing to learn and aspire to create an inclusive and contextual learning environment for their students.

The Secretary of the Department of Education and Culture from Sumbawa Regency, Ir. Irin Wahyu Indarni, spoke encouragingly about local government support.

“Sumbawa Government is committed to supporting INOVASI’s pilot program because it has a positive impact on improving the quality of education in Sumbawa.”

According to Irin, the 2017 Guru BAIK pilot showed positive results. Teachers involved in the program are now able to successfully develop learning strategies.

“We see significant changes. This program is able to change teachers’ mindset,” he explained.

In a Guru BAIK evaluation conducted by a monitoring team with the Sumbawa Department of Education, it was shown that the ability of teachers to develop lesson plans had improved. This was evident in the more strategic and systematic steps taken by teachers to develop and implement lesson plans. Previously, teachers had just copied their lesson plans from education focused websites online.

According to Irin, teachers are now positioned as teachers and learners.

“Other changes can be seen from the teacher’s ability to explore various problems in classroom learning, identify children’s learning difficulties, recognize challenges and find solutions. For example, now teachers have begun to conduct classroom action research continuously when they find problems in classroom learning. Through the research, the teacher examines whether the learning is effective or not.”

M Ali HK, Head of the Workforce Development Division of the Sumbawa Regency Office of Education, emphasised that teachers in Sumbawa must not only be ‘BAIK’, but also ‘PASTI’ (Professional, Accountable, Synergic, Transparent and Innovative).

Explaining further, he said that a professional teacher is a teacher who has competence in carrying out tasks. For example, teachers must have good class management skills, clear learning goals for their students, good communication skills with parents, and a clear understanding of the curriculum.

“Innovative teachers are quality teachers who are able find new ideas and find concepts in order to arouse the enthusiasm of their students and become agents of change.”

Currently, there are 361 primary level education institutions in Sumbawa, spread across 24 sub-districts with 45,956 students (or 2,392 study groups). While the total number of primary school teachers is 4,371, 2,200 of these are civil servants while 2,171 are non-permanent teachers. Those teachers involved in Guru BAIK account for about 3% of the total number of civil servant teachers in the district. Despite this, the impact has been high on those involved.

“When you see from the number of teachers involved in the program, it is still very little, only around 3 percent. But this program has produced something extraordinary,” said Ali.

INOVASI’s Sumbawa District Facilitator, Nurjannah, explained that in 2018 there have been 80 early grade teachers involved in Guru BAIK from 5 sub-districts, namely Batu Lante, North Moyo, Moyo Hilir, Lape and Unter Iwes.

“Of the 80 teachers, 50 are partner teachers funded by INOVASI, while the other 30 are financed fromSumbawa’s district fund in 2018.”

The 30 local government supported teachers, principals and supervisors from Lape and Unter Iwes attended a recent Guru BAIK workshop in mid-August.

Darmatasia, principal of Kerato primary school from Unter Iwes sub-district, spoke of the engaging workshop methods.

“This workshop motivates teachers to be able to develop themselves by changing the way of thinking. Developing teachers’ mindset is very important to face educational challenges.”

Kamariah, a teacher at primary school Lape 2, expressed a similar opinion.

“The workshop material opened my awareness. Being a teacher is a very noble job because teachers have the opportunity to change the lives of their students and will always be a hero to their students.”

Sumbawa local government committed to supporting INOVASI pilots