Creative Teaching Using INOVASI Student Worksheet during the Pandemic

In some regions, especially in big cities, learning-from-home activities during the COVID-19 pandemic took place via the internet, thus allowing students to study face-to-face with their teachers online. However, in many regions, access to the internet is still an issue, so learning activities must rely on offline methods. As a form of support for the Indonesian government in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, INOVASI together with TASS (Technical Assistance for Education Systems Strengthening) conducted a quick survey in early April to find out about how the “Learning from Home” policy is implemented.

 This survey on teachers and parents showed that the learning processes, both online and offline, had not been carried out optimally. However, the survey results also revealed some positive findings, for example, how some teachers in regions to the initiative to do student home visits to deliver offline learning or teachers who designed creative learning materials to make them more interesting and easy to use for students, without expensive facilities that are not necessarily available for all students.

These findings encouraged INOVASI along with local stakeholders to design several approaches that could be a solution to address challenges related to learning from home and to accommodate the needs and interests of students, especially those who live in areas that are constrained by access to technology, gadgets, or internet connections. One such initiative is the development of Student Worksheets with Literacy, Numeracy, Character Education, and Psychoeducation materials.

In Sumenep, East Java, an elementary school teacher, Avan Fathurrahman, went viral because he continued to carry out face-to-face learning to the homes of his students. He did this due to conditions that made it impossible to do home-based learning. Avan also uses Student Worksheet (LKS), developed by INOVASI, when visiting students at home.

Although Avan is a 5th-grade elementary teacher, when he goes teaching to students’ homes, he would invite students from all grades, from 1st to 6th, who live nearby the house he is visiting to study together.

“Usually when I visit the students, several other students whose homes are close to those students, would also be interested to study together. Because the students are from various levels, from grade 1 to 6, I look for learning materials that can be used for all the levels and those that I think have the educational content that is useful for the students,” he explained.

One of the materials that Avan chose is storytelling about COVID-19. Before giving assignments to the students, Avan would tell stories about COVID-19 according to material in the INOVASI worksheet book. Avan usually uses puppet or wayang as the media for storytelling to make it more engaging.

After that, students are asked to pay attention and listen to the tales that Avan tells. When he finishes the storytelling, students are then asked to retell the tales they listened to in writing, or for those who cannot write long stories, they can draw a virus or draw a healthy lifestyle according to their understanding, such as washing hands, taking showers, using masks, etc.

According to Avan, the worksheets with psychoeducation materials have helped him to deliver interesting direct learning with students from various grades.

When visiting his students at home, Avan teaches using Psychoeducation Worksheet developed by INOVASI. In his opinion, the materials in the worksheet are more in line with his students’ current conditions.


17 June 2020

Creative Teaching Using INOVASI Student Worksheet during the Pandemic