Journalists in East Java gather to learn more about INOVASI and basic education

At a provincial media briefing, jointly hosted by the East Java Education Office and INOVASI, local journalists gathered to learn more about how education quality can be improved across East Java. Attendees represented a significant sect of media houses, including print, online, and television from Surabaya and surrounds.

Silvana Erlina, Provincial Manager of INOVASI in East Java, emphasised the importance of media and public relations staff working with INOVASI to exchange knowledge and information about INOVASI’s education pilots across five partner districts – Sidoarjo, Probolinggo, Kota Batu, Sumenep and Pasuruan. In the spirit of sharing education innovations and ideas to the broader community, this relationship is crucial.

Saiful Rahman, Head of the East Java Education Office, welcomed the implementation of this activity. “We support this activity in order to build positive relationships between the media, the Education Office and INOVASI. We hope that with this forum, we will build positive and complementary communication and information. Especially considering the current situation, where intense communication is needed so that the information disseminated is valid and correct,” he said.

“The INOVASI program that has a focus on basic education can help us to explore educational innovations at the school level. While the existence and support of the media can be a means of conveying innovations to the community. We will document educational innovations in East Java and keep them as information,” explained Ramliyanto, Secretary of the East Java Provincial Education Office.

During media gathering proceedings, participants learnt more about the importance of teacher mindset growth, and the important role of the teacher in improving student learning – including in the early grades one to three. Some INOVASI partner teachers shared their experiences direct from the classroom, including the use of effective learning materials.

One teacher, Endang Kusniati from Gelam 2 primary school in Sidoarjo, proudly showed how she had used local innovation to help engage her students. Using a bottle installed on a board, and a plastic container placed at the bottom of the board, she showed how she teaches mathematics in a more interesting way.

“I made some holes at the bottom of this bottle and hung it on the board. Then, by inserting marbles into bottles, students can work on math problems easily. For example 5 x 2, the students prepare two empty bottles and insert 5 marbles into each bottle so that they fall into the container under the bottle. As a result, students can count the number of marbles, which is 10 marbles to answer the multiplication of 5 x 2 = 10,” Endang explained.

Endang further explained how she was inspired to create her own learning tool after seeing her students and other teachers struggle to learn and teach basic math concepts. By using local materials in the local school environment, she was able to create a very simple but fun approach for her own students.

“Even during recess, some students are still curious to play these mathematics learning media to fill the break,” laughed Endang.

Local media representatives watched closely as Endang spoke, even trying the learning media themselves.

“This is a very interesting and extraordinary idea. I can imitate it for my children at home,” said Nani Mashita, a journalist from Jatimnet.

Such local approaches to improving teaching and learning are used by INOVASI as part of education pilot activities. Ongoing pilot progress will continued to be shared with our new media friends, beyond the workshop.

Journalists in East Java gather to learn more about INOVASI and basic education