Involve Family Members, Learning Through Playing with INOVASI Worksheets

In some regions, especially in big cities, learning-from-home activities during the COVID-19 pandemic took place via the internet, thus allowing students to study face-to-face with their teachers online. However, in many regions, access to the internet is still an issue, so learning activities must rely on offline methods. As a form of support for the Indonesian government in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, INOVASI together with TASS (Technical Assistance for Education Systems Strengthening) conducted a quick survey in early April to find out about how the “Learning from Home” policy is implemented.

 This survey on teachers and parents showed that the learning processes, both online and offline, had not been carried out optimally. However, the survey results also revealed some positive findings, for example, how some teachers in regions to the initiative to do student home visits to deliver offline learning or teachers who designed creative learning materials to make them more interesting and easy to use for students, without expensive facilities that are not necessarily available for all students.

These findings encouraged INOVASI along with local stakeholders to design several approaches that could be a solution to address challenges related to learning from home and to accommodate the needs and interests of students, especially those who live in areas that are constrained by access to technology, gadgets, or internet connections. One such initiative is the development of Student Worksheets with Literacy, Numeracy, Character Education, and Psychoeducation materials.

In East Java, grade 1 teacher at SDN Mojorejo 1 Kota Batu, Ibu Nurina Manggiasih, S.Pd, used the Student Worksheet (LKS) developed by INOVASI to support the learning activities of students while at home. Indeed, LKS is but one of the options available for students learning at home, but the response from parents and guardians that Ibu Nurina received was positive.

According to one parent, Ibu Wina Puspitasari, the worksheet that her child worked on while at home was very interesting.

She said that when she received the LKS online from a parents and guardians group, she immediately printed the specific LKS for grade 1 elementary school for her child, Aqila.

“So that my child is interested, I told her that we would play using this LKS. It turns out she welcomed this happily,” she said.

Not only was the child required to fill the worksheet, but apparently, Wina also tried to involve other family members to play together while learning by using the INOVASI worksheet, especially the worksheet with numeracy and literacy materials for grade 1 elementary school students.

“My family members and I tried to be involved in the games from the worksheet so that my child is interested in doing it happily, as if he was playing,” she said.

This effort paid off. The child worked at the tasks in the LKS very well after playing with family members.

Involve Family Members, Learning Through Playing with INOVASI Worksheets