INOVASI’s GEMBIRA pilot holds its last training workshop with teachers

Bima is one of INOVASI’s six partner districts in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Province. Using a ‘local solution to local problems’ approach, INOVASI implements specific pilot programs in each partner district that seek to address local education issues challenges in the local context. A diverse range of stakeholders are actively involved in the design and implementation of each pilot. 

As the school semester comes to a close, INOVASI has wrapped up a series of basic literacy and mother language transition training workshops for early grade teachers in Bima. The last workshop was held on 11 May 2019 at SDN 2 Maria primary school, Kawatan Wawo sub-district, and was attended by 35 partner teachers.

Despite the timing during the middle of Ramadan fasting month, the attending teachers were very enthusiastic, excited to receive training from INOVASI’s local education facilitators. During the most recent training, they had learnt about mother tongue transition and emotional intelligence, both key aspects of their early grade teaching roles with local students.

In Wawo sub-district, INOVASI has only two partner schools, namely SDN 2 Maria and SDN Kawae primary schools. However, during the course of the short course pilot, other schools in the area also joined the workshops, using their own funds to send teachers to local working group sessions (KKG).

Many teachers recall how it felt to join the pilot back in 2018. The principal of SDN 2 Maria, who is also the Chairperson of the local School Principal Working Group (K3S), Yahya Baharuddin S.Pd, at the time spoke about her INOVASI training experiences to the Head of the Dikpora Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) in Wawo sub-district. From this discussion, the idea emerged to include other schools in the local area. The Head of the UPT and Chair of the K3S immediately communicated this matter to other schools. The plan was welcomed by 18 schools and Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (MI) in Wawo sub-district.

“At that time, the results of our meeting with other schools agreed that they would provide transport and snacks for their teachers who attended INOVASI training,” explained Yahya Baharuddin.

Flash forward to May 2019, and the final training workshop in the pilot (known locally as GEMBIRA), was coming to a close. The Head of the UPT Dikpora, Ismail, S.Pd, was present along with the local school supervisor to close the entire workshop series. He hoped that the school and especially the teachers would optimise their knowledge gained from the training. Together with INOVASI, UPT Dikpora will now help to monitor schools, including both INOVASI partner schools and non-partner schools across the district.

In addition to Wawo sub-district, INOVASI has provided assistance to four other sub-districts in Bima district, namely in Woha, Belo, Bolo and Langgudu. In total there are 20 primary schools / MI that have directly benefited from teacher training in basic literacy and mother language transition strategies.

INOVASI’s GEMBIRA pilot holds its last training workshop with teachers