INOVASI works with Central Lombok on a roadmap for educational quality

In 2012, Central Lombok district declared itself as an ‘Inclusion District’, with an ongoing focus on socially inclusive education. Local government continues to support efforts that benefit children with special needs in the classroom, including disabilities and learning difficulties. INOVASI is pleased to support Central Lombok with this agenda, including through a pilot that works to improve learning quality for children with disabilities in learning (also known as SETARA), and in the development of the district’s new inclusive education road map.

Last month, INOVASI supported a workshop to discuss the Central Lombok Inclusive Education Roadmap, with a range of key stakeholders. Deputy Central Lombok Regent, L. Pathul Bahri, who opened the workshop, spoke of the importance of the roadmap document.

“We must think about the continuation of education, especially inclusive education in Central Lombok. We must think how to provide space and rights for children with special needs to get education,” he said.

In his opening remarks, H. Sumum, Head of the Central Lombok Education Office, linked the roadmap success to the development of human resources in the district.

“This workshop is a small part of our efforts to give more attention to inclusive education. What will be done later will benefit Central Lombok, especially for the development of human resources,” he explained.

During the event, discussion focused on the duties and functions of the roadmap drafting team, a current analysis of inclusive education services and education program synergy – especially inclusive education – between national and provincial government. A second workshop is soon planned, to continue the discussion.

Workshop participants were highly engaged, offering suggestions and recommendations, and sharing their own challenges related to achieving inclusive education in Central Lombok. This included the need for suitable laws, regulations and budget, to support education activities and programs.

“The Central Lombok government has also given its attention. In 2019 we will budget up to 85 billion rupiah for education, including education for children with special needs,” announced L. Pathul.

Pathul expressed his hope that the participants, who have been assigned as the approved drafting team by new district Decree can now commence in-depth work. At the planned second workshop, the same drafting team will participate, hoping to accelerate the preparation of the Inclusive Education Roadmap.

The drafting team also includes the DPRD Commission 4, the district Education Office, representatives from BAPPEDA, the Education Council, principals, school supervisors, the village head, local facilitators from INOVASI’s SETARA pilot, and a representative from the Indonesian Disability Women’s Association.

INOVASI works with Central Lombok on a roadmap for educational quality