INOVASI supports Dompu government to develop education roadmap

As a partner district of INOVASI, Dompu has been identified as having particularly low literacy and numeracy skill results, compared to other INOVASI partner districts in NTB. Although Dompu has a large number of teachers, teacher distribution remains uneven. Dompu is the first partner district to develop a roadmap for education in areas of literacy and numeracy.

The process of drafting the education roadmap began with a workshop ‘Preparation of Education Service Profile and Education Issues in Dompu’, which was held on 28 February to 2 March 2018 at the Hall of Dompu Regent, NTB. The event was officially opened on 28 February with a speech by the representative of Dompu Regent, H Sudirman Hamid as the First Assistant of Regional Government and Secretariat of Dompu Regency. In his speech, Hamid said that the formulation of the roadmap is in accordance with current policy direction and the handling of strategic education sector issues. It also aligns with the Dompu District Medium Term Development Plan 2016-2021.

“The government is very serious in handling the education sector. The fact that Dompu has literacy and numeracy problems with only 23% of elementary school students who can read and understand the reading makes us need to take one strategic step together, that is by preparing an education roadmap,” Hamid explained.

The event was also attended by Lanny Anggraini, a representative of the Director of Kemdikbud Primary School Development; Ikhwahyudin, Chairman of Commission III of Dompu Parliament; Abdul Haris, Head of Bappeda and Dompu Research & Design; H Ikhtiar, Head of Youth and Sport Dompu.

INOVASI NTB Provincial Manager, Edy Herianto, said that this literacy and numeracy roadmap is one of a series of activities implemented by INOVASI since starting work in Dompu in 2016. INOVASI has sought to play an important role in helping to improve the quality of education in Dompu, especially in literacy and numeracy in the early grades.

“The study conducted by Ministry of Education and Culture in 2017 shows that Dompu still has a very low score of Indonesia’s National Assessment Programme. Dompu is ranked 9th, or the second lowest of 10 districts in NTB,” said Edy.

Edy added that the Dompu Regent has shown an encouraging response to the findings, stating the need for a roadmap or a special education roadmap for literacy and numeracy.

“We hope that the roadmap compiled by the team from Dompu and facilitated by INOVASI program will be able to answer the literacy and numeracy problems faced by Dompu,” Edy said.

At the workshop, Lanny Anggraini expressed her hope that the strengthening of literacy and numeracy can be combined with the strengthening of character education and 21st century learning that is an essential part of the 2018 curriculum.

This activity forms part of INOVASI’s broader support to improving the quality of education in Dompu, particularly in literacy and numeracy.

INOVASI supports Dompu government to develop education roadmap