INOVASI shares good education practices at IDF 2018 in Solo

In the spirit of sharing and innovation, INOVASI representatives last week joined the Solo chapter of the Road to Indonesia Development Forum (IDF) 2018 series, held in Solo on 22 May 2018. This series will culminate with the full-scale IDF event in Jakarta in July.

The event featured several speakers. One of them was Solo’s Mayor FX Hadi Rudyatmo. Hadi described the social and economic achievements that he has developed in Solo, specifically improvements to health services by eliminating high costs, scholarships for students, making ID cards for adult and children, the development of smart parks, and a program that issues death certificates known as ‘Besuk Kiamat’.

“All cannot be separated from the support from all parties. Now the city of Solo is getting many awards,” said the Mayor of Solo.

The Road to IDF 2018 in Kota Solo is a series of Road to IDF organized by the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) Jakarta which takes place in 4 cities namely Padang, Solo, Banjarmasin, and Ambon.

Rudy S. Prawiradinata, Deputy of the Regional Development of Bappenas Jakarta, revealed that this activity aims to attract innovators in all fields and will be featured in IDF activities in Jakarta on 10-11 July 2018.

“There are four major themes that will be discussed in Jakarta: inspire, imagine, innovate, and initiate. We hope this activity can provide inspiration and change towards a better Indonesia,” he explained.

Another innovative speaker in the field of education was Mistin, Head of Batu City Education Office. She presented various innovations in education in Batu City such as awarding achievement scholarships to children with the best final test scores, provision of international standard school facilities, and the fulfillment of nutritional needs for students in Batu. This was done by providing free milk and healthy food once a week.

“Through providing free milk to more than 29 thousand students in Batu, the impact is extraordinary. Children’s health condition is growing rapidly. In addition, milk purchased from cattle farmers from Batu increases dairy industry in Batu City,” she explained.

Prior to the introduction of this free milk program, the dairy industry and milk powder industry could manipulate dairy prices. But through this program, Batu City Government is able to buy milk at a reasonable standard price. The price level is then used as a reference for dairy farmers when standardizing milk prices.

Sri Winarni, a participant in INOVASI’s recent education innovations stock take study, also participated in the group discussion and shared promising education practices from Batu. As the principal of primary school SDN Sumbergondo 2 in Batu, she succeeded in turning her school into one with the concept of international learning. Sri Winarni took all elements and combined them together to realize the better quality school, from teachers, school committee, and community.

Each class in the school has a different concept or learning theme. 2nd grade, for example, is themed as marine life. The entire wall, classroom displays, and the learning tools are all themed ‘sea life’. This method has been able to make students more enthusiastic and feel comfortable being in class.

INOVASI shares good education practices at IDF 2018 in Solo