INOVASI pilot expanded to non-partner teachers by Central Lombok District Government

After signing its first formal provincial partnership with West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) in mid-2016, the INOVASI program implemented its first pilot in North Lombok and Sumbawa districts in the first half of 2017. Guru BAIK (with BAIK meaning Belajar, Aspiratif, Inklusif and Kontekstual) remains true to its local name: aspirational, inclusive and contextual learning. Or in other words, good teachers are those who are willing to learn and aspire to create an inclusive and contextual learning environment for their students. This pilot will now be implemented in Central Lombok, with funding from local government and technical support from INOVASI.

Central Lombok remains committed to improving the quality of education and teaching in its schools. In late August, Central Lombok education office in partnership with INOVASI held training for 125 early grade primary school teachers – none of them partner schools with INOVASI, as part of ongoing pilot scale dissemination. Held at Praya Junior High School 7, Panjisari Village, the theme of the day was ‘Development of Quality Education and Training for Educators’.

Speaking of his experience with INOVASI so far, H. Sumum, M.Pd, Head of the Education Office of Central Lombok, expressed his gratitude.

“We have a goal to improve and advance the education. For this reason, the role of the teachers, who are the front guard in education, is very important and we must pay attention to several components, namely the need of teachers and how teachers teach literacy and numeracy. All of these have been practiced by INOVASI,” he explained.

For this reason, H. Sumum then felt obliged to expand education activities to other schools that had not previously participated in INOVASI pilots. This includes knowledge transfer through selected teacher working groups (KKGs). H. Sumum explained that the budget for this activity has come from district government funds (APBD), demonstrating local government commitment to pilot sustainability and dissemination and ultimately, improved educational quality.

“I hope that in the future, all schools will sustain an impact or expansion from the INOVASI pilot. INOVASI has been very helpful in supporting the education in Central Lombok.”

Although funded by district government, INOVASI is continuing to provide technical support during pilot implementation. INOVASI local facilitator, Drs H. Turmuzi, shared his thoughts from the first Guru BAIK workshop.

“In this training, participants reviewed the possible causes of difficulties in teaching by looking for the root causes of the problem.”

After participants had determined the main causes, the facilitator asked what criteria they had used.

These included:

  • The cause has a major impact on the level of understanding of students in literacy or numeracy;
  • The cause can be overcome during the pilot implementation period;
  • The resources/learning media needed to overcome these causes are doable or available;
  • The actions to be taken to overcome these causes are still within the scope of work and the ability of the teacher in their own classroom.

This initial training was an opportunity for Turmuzi and other INOVASI local facilitators to transmit knowledge and skills already acquired through INOVASI activities and at classroom level, to non-partner teachers.

INOVASI pilot expanded to non-partner teachers by Central Lombok District Government