Central Lombok Participates in Road to Indonesia Development Forum 2018

Central Lombok District participated in the Road to Indonesia Development Forum held in Ambon on 31 May 2018. On this occasion, the Regional Secretary of Central Lombok, H.M. Nursiah, S.Sos., M.Si, described the good practices that have been and are being implemented by this district in order to encourage the improvement of the quality of inclusive education.

Road to Indonesia Development Forum (IDF) 2018 was organized to capture innovative ideas and good development practices in accordance with the context of their respective regions. Road to IDF in Ambon is the latest series of Road to IDF activities. This activity has previously been implemented in Padang, Solo, and Banjarmasin.

“Implementation of IDF is an important and strategic momentum to share experiences and best practices of development implementation, as well as forum to generate ideas and contributions of important thinking, for the progress of East Indonesia region especially Maluku Province, North Maluku, Papua, West Papua, East Nusa Tenggara and West Nusa Tenggara,” said acting Governor of Maluku, Dr. Z. Sahuburua, SH, MH in his opening speech.

The activity was held in the form of a public discussion focused on three key themes: how to reduce gaps in underdeveloped and border areas; improvement of basic services aimed at reducing regional disparities in six provinces of Nusa Tenggara, Maluku and Papua; and strengthening the connectivity of Indonesia as an archipelago country.

In his presentation, Nursiah explained the real effort so far that has been done by Central Lombok to improve the quality of inclusive education through four main things: regulation, socialization, strengthening human resources capacity, and infrastructure. Through the Regulation of the Regent of Central Lombok on Special Education and Special Services Number 39 of 2013, Central Lombok demonstrated a commitment to improve the quality of inclusive education. Central Lombok is also trying to increase the capacity of human resources, especially educators, by partnering with INOVASI.

“For more effective steps in implementing inclusive education in Central Lombok, there is a partnership with INOVASI through a pilot program to improve the quality of learning for children with special needs. This we have done in Central Lombok,” said Nursiah in his presentation in front of Road to IDF 2018 participants.

Through SETARA, a pilot program aiming to improve the quality of learning for children with special needs, the government of Central Lombok and INOVASI are striving to improve the quality of inclusive education which ultimately leads to improved learning outcomes of students in Central Lombok, especially children with special needs. INOVASI has provided training to local facilitators who are mostly teachers, principals, and school supervisors. The local facilitators were equipped with the ability to identify children with special needs, so they can find methods that help these students follow the learning process well. Furthermore, the local facilitators will facilitate training or workshops in target schools and conduct monitoring and guidance to teachers. So far, 19 local facilitators have been trained by INOVASI through the SETARA pilot program.

The SETARA pilot program will be  shortly expanded, involving a total of 16 primary schools and 3 madrasah; 48 teachers and 19 principals, school supervisors, UPTD (Technical Implementation Unit) and stakeholders from Office of Ministry of Religious Affairs, BAPPEDA, PKLK (Special Education and Special Services Development) NTB Provinces, HWDI (Indonesian Disability Women Association), and other organizations.

Central Lombok Participates in Road to Indonesia Development Forum 2018