Central Lombok develops strategic program for inclusive education

In 2012, Central Lombok district declared itself as an ‘Inclusive District’, with an ongoing focus on socially inclusive education. Local government continues to support efforts that benefit children with special needs in the classroom, including disabilities and learning difficulties. INOVASI is pleased to support Central Lombok with this agenda, including through a pilot that works to improve learning quality for children with disabilities in learning (also known as SETARA), and in the development of the district’s inclusive education road map.

Earlier this month, Central Lombok district government together with INOVASI held a second Inclusive Education Roadmap workshop. Hosted at the local Education Office, roadmap completion is planned to coincide with the Central Lombok anniversary on 15 October 2018. As local stakeholders say, the finished roadmap will be a special ‘birthday gift’ – helping to strengthen education across the district.

In this second meeting, participants discussed key actions arising from the previous workshop agenda. Discussion turned to the Strategy for the Development and Implementation of Inclusive Education in Indonesia in 2019-2021, which will serve as a reference for the Central Lombok Education Office when planning the development of literacy and numeracy programs across the district.

H. Sumum M.Pd, Head of the Central Lombok Education Office, explained that this second workshop would provide a comprehensive picture for the future of inclusive education in Central Lombok.

“The education roadmap will guide inclusive education in Central Lombok. In this workshop, there are various studies and aspects related to inclusive education, all of which will be discussed later,” he said.

H. Sumum also explained that since 2012, with the appointment of Central Lombok as an Inclusive District, the Central Lombok Regional Government has paid more attention to inclusive education. This has required support from all education stakeholders.

“If we talk about children with disabilities, we should not just look at those in urban areas, but in rural areas or remote areas of Central Lombok where there are a lot of children with disabilities. Of course, this is the concern of all parties, both from the executive and legislative perspective,” he said.

Harsono S.Pd. M.M., Head of Planning for Central Lombok Education Office, spoke positively about workshop outcomes.

“In this workshop, a lot of ideas emerged from participants in the context of developing inclusive education. These ideas are outlined in an education roadmap that produces several recommendations so that the programs and activities that are compiled always refer to and synergize with the Regional Medium-Term Development Plan and the Office’s Strategic Planning. The Inclusive Education Working Group that involves relevant agencies to accelerate the development of inclusive education also needs to be formed.”

The Central Lombok Regional People’s Representative Assembly (DPRD) also provided support and appreciation for the roadmap development. They praised Central Lombok District Education Office for its efforts to achieve an inclusive education district. Chairperson of the Central Lombok DPRD Commission 4, Lalu Supriadi, said he would support the dissemination of inclusive education in his constituency by utilizing local government funds.

Khaeril Anwar SH, from the Village Community Empowerment Institution, spoke of the importance of collaboration. He emphasized that the Inclusive Education Working Group should work closely with other relevant Community Service Units, such as the Office of Social Affairs, Health Agency, Sustainable Professional Education Development Agency and others, so that inclusive education can be institutionalized and supported in regional regulations and policy.

Following this workshop, it is expected that there will be a public test to introduce and discuss planning documents related to literacy and numeracy programs. This document will later become a validated reference for mobilizing various educational resources to improve the quality of education across the district.  The roadmap will provide a blue print or framework for local stakeholders to improve and strengthen inclusive education.

Central Lombok develops strategic program for inclusive education