Pilot: Early Grade Numeracy 2

This pilot, commencing in July 2019, builds on the units from the Numeracy 1 short course in the first half of 2019, which focused on foundational numeracy. In this follow on pilot, over a number of months and five units, teachers will gain a deeper understanding of how to apply key numeracy concepts in the classroom, including patterns, number exploration, place value, and addition and subtraction. Participating teachers will be able to gain credits to advance their careers and INOVASI will implement the courses in routine, cluster-based, teachers’ working group meetings, using local facilitators, to ensure the courses are affordable and scalable.

Pilot: Early Grade Literacy & Numeracy (Edukasi 101)

Edukasi 101 is a social enterprise focused on social and education issues. Established in 2013, with the ultimate goal of “Improving Social and Education Quality”.  Edukasi has had extensive experience working with the governments (MOEC, MORA) at the national and district levels, universities as well as private organistions to improve education quality.  Edukasi 101 is currently working in many locations in Indonesia by empowering technology to improve the quality of education and supporting sustainable social innovations.

Program focus: Literacy (major) & numeracy (minor)

LINUMERATIF (Literasi & Numerasi Inovatif) is a pilot program aims to accelerate improvement in basic skills in literacy and numeracy of primary school children in 16 schools through the following:  1) improved capacity of instructional leadership and basic literacy and numeracy school assessment. 2) improved learning quality in basic literacy and numeracy. 3) improved quality in assessment of basic literacy and numeracy. 4) improved access of information on good practice in implementation of learning and assessment of basic literacy and numeracy.

This program is using a wholistic approach to bring change in classroom practices. It involves various stakeholders at the district and school level with a focus of sustainability through improved school governance, innovative practices in teaching and learning, and assessment, as well as dissemination of good practices.

Location: West Sumbawa and Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara

Duration: 12 September 2018 until 11  September 2019


  • Increased students’ learning outcomes in literacy and numeracy
  • Improved teachers’ teaching practices
  • Improved parental and community involvement in education


Pilot: Literacy Boost

In partnership with INOVASI, Save the Children Indonesia implemented the Literacy Boost (known in Indonesian as ‘Gema Literasi’) pilot in both Sumbawa and North Lombok in NTB. In 2018, more than 200 teachers, principals and supervisors were involved. The pilot aimed to improve the literacy skills of grade two students. It did this by measuring how well students are developing basic reading competencies, and training teachers to help improve student engagement with reading. Tools to raise interest in reading included games, songs and stories. The pilot also sought to increase community involvement in literacy by providing books and libraries, sponsoring reading camps, and other learning activities. This pilot was completed in late 2018.

Pilot: Early Grade Numeracy

This pilot aims to improve boys and girls’ comprehension of basic mathematical concepts, particularly number, and the associated ability to perform basic mathematical tasks. The pilot is taking place in 17 schools in Sumbawa district (one madrasah and 16 public schools). In Sumbawa, the regional development planning agency (Bappeda) is encouraging the district education office to develop a quality oriented program. This is a key measure to ensure that local government efforts to improve the quality of basic education are more real and measurable. This pilot finished in July 2019.

Pilot: Guru BAIK

The INOVASI Guru BAIK (Belajar, Aspiratif, Inklusif and Kontekstual) pilot supports teachers to nominate, develop and test solutions to learning challenges they face in the classroom. Through a series of workshops and classroom-based mentoring activities, teachers are supported to discover what particular challenges children in their own classroom face. They then develop, test, review and iterate different solutions to address these challenges. As a result of the process, teachers become more reflective, competent, and are more confident to deliver the curriculum, use classroom assessment techniques, and solve problems as they arise in the classroom.

This was INOVASI’s first pilot running from January – May 2017 and implemented in 25 Sumbawa primary schools with 50 teachers.

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