Pilot: Early Grade Literacy and Provision of Books (Yayasan Tunas Aksara)

Saya Suka Membaca (SSM) Program from Yayasan Tunas Aksara works to improve literacy outcomes for school children across Indonesia, and specifically those from poor communities. SSM aims to transform the way that Indonesian children are taught to read by equipping classroom teachers with the knowledge and skills they need so that the children in their care are taught reading effectively, and are able to read with fluency and understanding at the start of their education.

Program focus: Literacy and books

“Lombok Utara Suka Membaca” implemented by Yayasan Tunas Aksara with their SSM (Saya Suka Membaca) Program proposes to work with DFAT and INOVASI and INOVASI partner local education department / schools to work to improve literacy in early grades (especially grade 1 and 2).  SSM plans to work with 12 schools from Kecamatan Tanjung (Gugus Jengala), and 2 neighbouring schools from Madrasah Ibtidaiyah. In implementation, SSM will equip their 28 Grade Class 1 and 2 teachers with Saya Suka Membaca (SSM) training, curriculum, materials and mentoring.

This will give teachers the understanding and skills they need to teach reading effectively and in an engaging way, taking children from learning bunyi huruf (letter sounds) to being able to read simple words, short sentences and eventually short paragraphs and books with understanding. SSM will also provide each school with a ‘Library in a box’. This will enrich the reading environment for Grades 1 – 3 at the pilot schools.”

Location: North Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara

Duration: 24-Jan-19 until 30-Nov-19


  • Increased students’ learning outcomes in literacy
  • Improved teachers’ teaching practices
  • Increased students’ interest in reading

Website: sayasukamembaca.org

Pilot: Early Grade Literacy and Provision of Books (Yayasan Tunas Aksara)