Pilot: Early Grade Numeracy (BINUS)

Bina Nusantara Universitas is an educational institution committed to developing Indonesia and building a global community through education and technology. Besides providing teaching and learning experience for students, BINUS also conducts community service and research activities to raise awareness of development innovations across Indonesia, especially in the area of education.

Program focus: Numeracy

INOVASI and BINUS University program aims to improve numeracy outcomes (especially in core number competencies) for students in grades 1-3 in all 17 schools in Sumenep kota, within the Sumenep district. The program is aligned with the 2013 National Curriculum and will use simple teaching and learning media produced by BINUS.  BINUS will work in collaboration with STKIP PGRI Sumenep with regards to technical implementation of the teacher training.  Besides training for teachers, principals and supervisors,  parents will also be trained in how to support children to study at home. It is hoped that this innovative pilot focused on core numeracy concepts and implemented by BINUS in Sumenap kota can be used as a model to advocate to the Sumenep district and further improve the quality of education – in particular, in the early grades.

Location: Sumenep, East Java

Duration: 12-Sep-18 until 11-Sep-19


  • Increased students’ learning outcomes in numeracy
  • Improved teachers’ attitudes toward students
  • Increased students’ interest in numeracy subject

Website: binus.ac.id

Pilot: Early Grade Numeracy (BINUS)