Pilot: Early Grade Literacy (UNESA)

The Center for Literacy Studies is a research and community service body of UNESA. The vision is to build a quality and productive literacy culture in the community through:

  1. improved access and quality
  2. improved work satisfaction and productivity of literacy services
  3. improved collaboration networks in providing better quality service in literacy activities.

Program focus: Literacy

INOVASI and UNESA program of ‘Literasi Ramah Anak’ or ‘Child Friendly Literacy’ that is aimed at improving teachers’ professional and pedagogic competencies in developing early grade literacy skills in 15 schools. Ultimately, student learning outcomes can improve. The program involves all school and district stakeholders including teachers, librarians, school committees, supervisors and district education staff.  Key activities include:

  1. Training on School Literacy Movement and a Balanced Literacy Framework
  2. Formation of a school literacy team consisting of local facilitators in each school to support the implementation of the proposed program and to develop a child-friendly literacy school
  3. Provision of some reading books that are developmentally appropriate. It is hoped that through formation of reading habit, development and on-going learning, there will be positive change within the school ecosystem and improved children’s learning outcomes.

Location: Sidoarjo, East Java

Duration: 12 September 2018 until 11 September 2019


  • Increased students’ learning outcomes in literacy
  • Improved teachers’ teaching practices
  • Increased the number of reading corners in classroom

Website: unesa.ac.id

Pilot: Early Grade Literacy (UNESA)