Pilot: Early Grade Literacy (Kolaborasi Literasi Bermakna)


Kolaborasi Literasi Bermakna is a coalition of four organizations that have a vision to improve the quality of Indonesian children’s education through collaboration and capacity building of stakeholders who play a role  — especially teachers, parents, and government. Kampus Guru Cikal is specialised in training.  Inibudi produces online learning videos, Keluarga Kita designs programs for parental involvement in education as change agents, and Pusat Studi Pendidikan dan Kebijakan works with government to advocate for change informed by research data.

Program focus: Literacy, coalition   

Kolaborasi Literasi Bermakna aims to improve education quality for Indonesian children through collaboration with and improved capacity of all stakeholders in children’s education including teachers, parents and the government. The program will work with 12 schools involving 50 teachers as change agents.This objective is achieved through developing change agents at each stakeholder level, as follows:

  1. Teachers who are ‘ independent to teach’ are key in achieving education change, children’s competence, and the formation of a teacher learning community that is collaborative, leading to a democratic Indonesia.
  2. Parents will promote and push for change in behaviour, influencing other parents to become effective in sharing learning resources and good practices focused on caring and supporting children’s growth.
  3. Governments promote education policy that prioritise change to children, based on research and dissemination of good practices in the Indonesian education ecosystem.

Location: Kota Batu and Kab Probolinggo, East Java

Duration: 17 December 2018 until 30 November 2019


  • Improved teachers’ understanding of literacy and numeracy problems in their areas
  • Improved collaboration between parents and school
  • Improved teachers’ capacity in documenting their best practices
Pilot: Early Grade Literacy (Kolaborasi Literasi Bermakna)