Pilot: Early Grade Literacy (UINSA)

UINSA is a islamic higher ducation instituton in East Java which is focused on education and multidisciplinary learning, research based society empowerment, community service, and literacy. UINSA has developed good practices in literacy improvement at schools and  has developed textbook-levelling used in support of the students’ literacy skills improvement program. UINSA is experienced in providing assistance, community service, and sustainable design of programs through the Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) approach.

Program focus: Literacy & books

INOVASI and UINSA’s program aims to improve madrasah teachers’ skills in teaching literacy in 10 madrash (islamic schools) through the ABCD-Asset Based Community Development which is a contextual approach. Through this approach, it is hoped that the participants will have self-reliance and a will to develop their literacy skills. Positive changes expected from this program include:

  1. improvement of students’ reading ability
  2. improvement of students’ literacy competence in learning
  3. development of school reading culture.
  4. sustainability of literacy programs.

Location: Pasuruan, East Java

Duration: 25 September 2018 until 24 July 2019


  • Increased students’ learning outcomes in literacy
  • Improved teachers’ teaching practices
  • Improved principal practices in supervising their teachers

Website: uinsby.ac.id

Pilot: Early Grade Literacy (UINSA)