Pilot: Inclusive Education – Disability (CIS Timor)


Circle of Imagine Society (CIS) Timor is a  volunteer association working to realize inclusive education in East Nusa Tenggara. CIS Timor’s overall mission is to inspire change through creating an NTT that is equal, peaceful, resilient, healthy and prosperous. CIS Timor believes that to achieve an NTT that is equal and prosperous, the approach needs to be inclusive so no-one is left behind.

Program focus: Inclusion

INOVASI and CIS Timor’s program aims to improve capacity of teachers, community in implementing inclusive education in nine (9) schools. Proposed activities include: 1)Training for teachers and principals in inclusive education – this will lead to establishment of inclusive model schools.  2) Community involvement to support inclusive learning via establishment of an inclusive learning center (ILC) .3) ‘Coalition for Change’ involving a range of stakeholders (government, community and school stakeholders) to advocate for education planning and budget to  improve education quality in Sumba Timur using an inclusive approach.

The three activities above are using twin track approaches to ensure all stakeholders support each other and together in improving literacy and numeracy through inclusive education.

Location: East Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara

Duration: 12 September 18 until 11 August  2019


  • Increased community involvement in education
  • Improved understanding of parents and community of the rights of students with disability
  • Village governments have issued local policy to support children with disability

Website: cistimor.org

Pilot: Inclusive Education – Disability (CIS Timor)