Pilot: Early Grade Literacy & Provision of Books (Forum Lingkar Pena)

Forum Lingkar Pena, better known as FLP, is an organization of future or promising authors founded in 1997 by a writer, Helvy Tiana Rosa. FLP with its 1757 active members, is currently spread throughout Indonesia and abroad, and its members have produced many literary works of fiction and non-fiction. FLP members come from all walks of life such as students, academics, housewives, and migrants. Besides enlightening readers through their literary works, FLP also support programs that promote reading culture and a love for reading.

Program focus: Inclusive book development and training     

FLP proposes to develop and produce a series of 21 grade 1 leveled books  (Standar Buku Bacaan Anak Inklusif Berjenjang) with a range of social inclusion topics in order to improve children’s literacy skills and raise awareness of inclusive education. Focused group discussion on linguistics and inclusion will be conducted with a range of relevant stakeholders such as Indonesian literature figures, linguists, psychologists and inclusive education specialists. FLP will procure up to 170 sets of books consisting of 21 books each for use in inclusive schools piloted by INOVASI in Central Lombok. The electronic version of the books are also open source, hence can be uploaded to websites for public access. This program supports the mainstreaming of inclusive schools in Central Lombok, through training teachers how to use the books, and literacy discussions with FLP members with special needs.

Location: Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara

Duration: 12 September 2018 until 11 September 2019


  • Increased students’ basic literacy skills
  • Improved teachers’ teaching practices
  • Improved understanding of school actors of the rights of students with disability

Website: flp.or.id

Pilot: Early Grade Literacy & Provision of Books (Forum Lingkar Pena)