Pilot: Early Grade Literacy and Numeracy (LP Ma’arif NU)

The Ma’arif Nahdlatul Ulama Educational Institution (LP Ma’arif NU) is a department/unit within the Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) that implements the Nahdlatul Ulama education policies at the level of the Executive Board, Regional Administrators, Branch Managers, and Deputy Assembly Managers Branch.  LP Ma’arif NU has been actively involved in the process of developing education in Indonesia.  Institutionally, LP Ma’arif NU also established schools and madrasas, starting from the elementary, secondary, and tertiary levels.  Until now there are more than 6000 educational institutions in all corners of the country under the auspices, ranging from TK / RA, SD / MI, SMP / MTs, SMA / SMK / MA, to several universities . Ma’arif NU through the INOVASI grant scheme scales out the INOVASI literacy and numeracy modules using KKG as the platform for training and reflection from mentoring during training sessions. Scale out programs include literacy in Sumenep and Pasuruan; and  numeracy in Sidoarjo, working with 10 madrasah in each district. The overall aim is to improve early grade students’ learning outcomes through improved teacher competency in teaching as well as improved support from other school stakeholders and district stakeholders. Through its networks and organisation structure, Ma’arif NU will strengthen collaboration with community at large.

Program focus: Literacy and Numeracy       

LP Maarif NU programmes aimed to increase learning result in literacy and numeracy of early class in 10 partner school in Sumenep, Sidoarjo and Pasuruan districts. Working with students, teachers, principals, school committee, the pilot programs addressed multiple challenges including how teachers understand numeration and learning process in early class, their capacity in class management, and student numeracy learning.

Location: Sidoarjo (Numeracy), Pasuruan (literacy), Sumenep (Literacy)

Duration: 22 March 2019 until 30 November 2019

Pilot: Early Grade Literacy and Numeracy (LP Ma’arif NU)