Announcing the winners of the 2017 INOVASI Innovations Drive – West Nusa Tenggara

October 2017 – The NTB Provincial Government in cooperation with INOVASI earlier this year launched an Innovations Education Drive in areas of literacy and numeracy for all primary school teachers in NTB – including in partner and non partner provinces. The competition was launched by the Governor of NTB, Dr. TGH. M. Zainul Majdi during INOVASI’s Temu INOVASI education forum held on 25th April in Mataram.

With applications open for almost three months, the competition also aligned with the Learning Innovation Competition (INOBEL) held by the national Ministry of Education and Culture. INOBEL invited primary school teachers to submit innovative ideas in literacy and numeracy, explaining how they are addressing learning challenges in their own classrooms.

In his speech at the Temu INOVASI in April, the NTB Governor said that ‘INOVASI is right to choose and focus on innovation in literacy and numeracy, because both of these are very important for the future of our children who will become the main active actors in building the region and the nation’.

NTB became INOVASI’s first partner province in June 2016.

At the close of the Innovations Drive in NTB, INOVASI received more than 60 high quality submissions from teachers across NTB’s 10 districts, including short videos and written submissions with images depicting teachers using their local innovations in the classroom. Local solutions included ideas to improve student understanding of fractions and basic multiplication, and general reading ability.

Following an internal selection process, INOVASI selected six competition winners – three in numeracy, and three in literacy. It was felt that these winning ideas best tackled learning challenges in the classroom, and demonstrated local innovation. They were also found to be low cost and replicable.

Competition winners included Hj. Rohimah, M.Pd from SDN 2 Pancor Lombok Timur, Murdani, S.Pd from SDN 1 Gerung Utara Lombok Barat, and Husni from SDN Sondosia Bima to category of literacy. In the numeracy category winners included Aminudin, S.Pd SD from SDN 01 Kempo Dompu, Heri Febriansyah from SD Sapuraga West Sumbawa, and Dewi Kurniati, S.Pd from West Kalimati Sumbawa Elementary School.

All winners attended National Teacher’s Day celebrations in Jakarta in late November, where they displayed their ideas and innovations.

Announcing the winners of the 2017 INOVASI Innovations Drive – West Nusa Tenggara