NTB Provincial Government rewards INOVASI program

Mataram, 17 April 2018 – INOVASI recently received recognition from the NTB Provincial Government for ongoing contribution and support as a valued development partner in the quest to improve the quality of education in NTB. The award was presented to INOVASI during the Development Planning Meeting of NTB Province 2018 in Mataram, Monday, 16 April 2018.

The Head of NTB Provincial BAPPEDA, Ir. Ridwan Syah, MSc., MM., MTP, said in his report that development in NTB cannot be separated from the participation of various parties, including partners in development such as the INOVASI program.

“We realize that all achievements cannot be separated from the participation and cooperation of all parties, including professional, private, development partners and local governments. Therefore, to build a culture of achievement, this year we give awards to the district government and development partners who consistently escort the achievement of regional development goals.”

“There is a need for continuous efforts to improve the quality and equity of education services through the support in the development of educational facilities and infrastructures such as the construction of new classes and the addition of learning facilities for both public and private schools and boarding schools in NTB,” said Chairman of the Provincial DPRD NTB, Hj. Baiq Isvie Rupaeda, SH, MH.

Education is an important part of broader development efforts to alleviate poverty. On a national level, BAPPENAS has made education a key development priority.  In NTB, continuous efforts are needed to improve the quality of education by targeting and supporting teachers as key educators. Referring to the Neraca Pendidikan NTB 2016, the value of the competency test of elementary school teachers in NTB is lower than the national standard, which is 50.63 compared to 54.33. In NTB, INOVASI partners with six districts, including North Lombok, Central Lombok, West Sumbawa, Sumbawa, Bima and Dompu, and seeks to improve the quality of education by implementing pilots that focus on local solutions to local education challenges. The focus of the program is different in each district, based on locally determined priorities.

In addition to INOVASI’s recognition, awards were also presented to development partners such as the Regional Research Council, PAMSIMAS, UNICEF, WALHI, WWF, KOMPAK, AIP-PRISMA, Islamic Relief Worldwide, PLAN International, Komnas Perlindungan Anak, GIZ-ISED, and BAZNAS.

NTB Provincial Government rewards INOVASI program