INOVASI and Dompu local government discuss education roadmap design for Dompu

Dompu, 27 February 2018 – Dompu Government and INOVASI, the Indonesia-Australia partnership program working to improve the quality of education, today initiated the process of drafting an education roadmap for Dompu district in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) province. The hearing, held in Pendopo Hall of Dompu, was led by Assistant II of Setda Dompu, H. Soehartomo, as the representative of the Dompu Regent. Also present were the Chairman of Commission III of the Dompu House of Representatives, Iswahyudin; Head of Education Office Dompu, H. Ikhtiar; Head of Social and Cultural Affairs, Bappeda and R & D of Dompu, M. Jufri; along with a series of other officials.

The participants of the hearing discussed the preparation of the literacy and numeracy education roadmap that will be held this week. Mr. Edy Herianto, INOVASI NTB Provincial Manager  attended the hearing and gave remarks on behalf of INOVASI. Dompu Government welcomed the discussion with enthusiasm, considering the preparation of the roadmap is a long-term framework for human resource investment.

Chairman of Commission III Dompu Regency, Iswayudin, expressed the government’s commitment in improving the quality of education for the next generation.

“We have a joint commitment between Dikpora, Dompu Regent and Dompu House of Representatives,” he said.

INOVASI was present to demonstrate its ongoing support in the process of compiling the education roadmap, especially related to literacy and numeracy in Dompu. Dompu was identified as having with low literacy and numeracy skills in comparison to INOVASI’s other five partner districts in the province. This has encouraged Dompu to be the first to prepare the roadmap of literacy and numeracy. It is expected that the activities of the preparation of the education roadmap can produce guidelines or references as the basis for the development of district level educational strategies in the future.

INOVASI and Dompu local government discuss education roadmap design for Dompu