The NTB Innovations Drive 2018 winners have been announced!

Thank you to everyone who submitted their innovative teaching ideas.

How to enter

Welcome to the Lomba Inovasi Pembelajaran: Inovasi dalam Meningkatkan Kemampuan Literasi dan Numerasi Siswa!

Are you a teacher from NTB with an innovative teaching idea? We are looking for ideas that can improve literacy and numeracy learning outcomes for primary school students in the classroom. We are also looking for ideas that promote social inclusion in the classroom.

Before you enter the competition, make sure you can answer ‘yes’ to the following criteria:

  1. Are you an active classroom primary school teacher (grade 1-6)?
  1. Does your submission outline a problem that is related to student competency in literacy and numeracy, in your own classroom? Or, does your submission outline a problem related to social inclusion in your own classroom?
  1. Does your submission suggest a locally applied solution that aligns directly with the problem?
  1. Is your problem specific, and related to a core competency or element of literacy and numeracy? You should detail the grade and competence in your submission, and the learning goal should be clear.
  1. Is your solution age/grade appropriate?
  1. Can your solution transfer to other problems in the classroom, and could other teachers use it?
  1. Is your solution something that a classroom teacher can manage by themselves?


To improve the quality of your submission, remember:

Literacy is the ability to read, understand and use written language to meet day to day needs.

Numeracy is the ability to understand numbers and mathematical concepts in diverse contexts and to meet day to day needs.

Social Inclusion refers to learning strategies or tools that promote education for all in the classroom, regardless of gender, family background, or whether children have learning difficulties or disabilities.

Innovation refers to a new method, idea, or way of doing things to improve a situation. An innovation in the classroom does not need to be complex – it might use existing resources in a unique way, to achieve better outcomes.

Submissions are not just limited to innovations in learning media and tools, but can also include classroom management, assessment techniques, and learning strategies. For example, strategies designed to improve how teachers and schools increase parental involvement in the learning process.

The Innovations Drive was launched during National Education month 2018, in the spirit of National Education Day and National Book Day. Applications will close on 23 September 2018. Applications are open only to teachers in NTB.



We will only accept submissions in the correct format, either: (i) 90 second – two-minute video and/or (ii) 1 page of written text with up to 6 photos to illustrate your idea and innovation (in PDF format).

For a strong chance of success, we highly encourage candidates to submit BOTH a written explanation of your teaching and learning innovation, and a short video (maximum 2 minutes) outlining the innovation. It is also fine to submit EITHER a written explanation or a video. It is fine to shoot the video on your handphone.


Selection criteria

Submissions will first be shortlisted as per the seven ‘essential’ criteria under the ‘How to enter’ section.

Shortlisted submissions will then be scored based on the following technical criteria:

  1. Demonstrated innovation in improving student learning and solution to the problem.
  1. Demonstrated results and positive impact on student abilities in literacy and numeracy.
  1. Potential for scale up and use by other teachers.
  1. Cost-effectiveness(innovations should be low/no cost and replicable).



Up to ten competition winners will be selected, in each category. There will also be shortlisted recipients in each district. These winners will be recognised and celebrated at an award ceremony in Mataram in November (on the occasion of National Teacher’s Day) and during provincial anniversary celebrations in December. Relevant government representatives will attend to award the prizes, and INOVASI will profile the winners on their website and Facebook page. We want to celebrate what innovations are being used to improve learning outcomes across NTB!

Prizes will be chosen based on their value to enhancing the student learning experience in the classroom.



After a shortlist of candidates is selected, a judging panel will convene to make a final decision on the competition winners.

The judging panel will consist of selected local government representatives, and key members of INOVASI’s communications and education teams.


What to do now?

  1. Fill out the boxes below
  2. Click ‘Submit’
  3. Upload your video and PDF files separately using the upload buttons. Note that you will be taken to a Google Drive upload folder.
  4. When you upload your video or PDF file, please include your name, school and district in the file name.
  5. You’re done!
  6. Good luck!


You can also send the hard copy printed materials to:

Palladium International Indonesia – INOVASI

Kantor Dikbud Provinsi NTB

Jl. Pendidikan No. 19A Mataram NTB, 83117



For further queries or issues, please contact:


0811 988 5694


0811 988 5695

Or email us at:


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